Making up stories. Telling the truth.

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I like making stuff up. Honestly.


Thanks for popping by my page for a visit. As you can see, there is a bunch of construction going on. It's kind of you to bear with me. 

Right out the gate, I need to get this off my chest: I get really excited about stories, okay? Writing stories. Reading stories. Watching stories. Listening to stories. True stories. Ridiculous stories. Ridiculous stories trying to pass themselves off as true stories. Vice versa. Whatever it is, I get sucked in. Is it me? It can't be just me.

It's so exciting  to think there are others who are wired the same way--people who engage and feel and process and understand through the eyes of a character they've never met--who may not even exist! That's wild. Unique. And it's something a lot of us tend to do automatically. Since childhood games and "playing pretend." I did not outgrow that. Maybe neither did you.

All that to say, my goal, ultimately, is to love Jesus and to love on people. And I can't think of a more fun way to do that than by scripting out the most compelling and entertaining make-believes my brain has the ability to cobble together and filling them with truths from His Word. That's where my heart and my head are, and that is the point of this site and my ministry. 

Hope you find something here to brighten your day and remind you you're loved.


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